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34 years old


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26 years old

Earl C. Hicks

Mike Morris
45 years old
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Allan Rhodes
53 years old
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Andy Housch
About Me

Ashlee Jones
22 years old
About Me

I am a Freshman at JSU and I am majoring in Graphic Design with a possible dual major in Journalism or Communications. I like to draw and sing and I love listening to Alternative/Rock music. I'm a very friendly person, message me if you'd like to talk :)

A surprising thing about me is that I play video games (especially ones that involve zombies!!!)

39 years old
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Benjamin C. Franklin
71 years old
About Me

Jacksonville State sports fan. Club Level Season ticket holder.

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    Dakota Wright
    22 years old
    About Me

    I love music.

    Damon Grice

    Dwayne Magnuson

    About Me

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    5. My Radio - Bricks and Mortar

    6. I'm Not A Pilot - Too Late

    7. Air Traffic Controller - You Know Me

    8. All The Locals - Monday

    9. Bend Sinister - Don't You Know

    10. Tiger High - So Long



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